Bed Bugs Threat

Protecting Your Home from Bed Bugs

Preventing Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home

Bed bugs were essentially eradicated in the 1940s but since 1995, there has been a continuous increase in infestations. The cause is unknown, however, it is thought that foreign travel and purchasing second hand furniture is partially to blame. Many hotels are infested with bed bugs and this is caused by keeping mattresses in use for too many years. You can become infested with bed bugs while staying at a hotel and you will bring them into your home. Bed bugs or often called mites, need warm blood to survive. Bed bugs are quite difficult to get rid of once they have infested your home.

Preventing Bed Bugs

While mattresses are designed to last a very long time, it is recommended you replace your mattress every seven to ten years. In addition, it is important to replace your pillows quite often. Pillows should not be kept for more than three to five years. There are new mattresses available on the market that contain anti-bacterial and anti-mite materials. These treated materials prevent infestations and the mattresses can be kept for a longer period of time.

Pesticides to Fight Bed Bugs

There are a few pesticides that can be used to kill bed bugs. However, bed bugs have become resistant to most of these pesticides. In addition, there are serious health concerns in using these pesticides on mattress where bed bugs are more likely to hide. If you have an infestation, the best method is to replace the mattress and all bedding.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are usually nocturnal which makes them difficult to spot. They feed on people while they are sleeping. Most people do not realize they have bed bug bites until the infestation is severe. Bed bugs symptoms range from a rash to blisters. Some people may experience mild itching and no other symptoms. This is one of the reasons why bed bugs often go undetected.

The best method in battling bed bugs is prevention. If you are looking for a new mattress, you may want to choose one designed with mattress safety to prevent an infestation. Make sure you replace pillows and mattresses within a reasonable amount of time.

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