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Getting Rid Of Lice Naturally Is A Step-by-Step Process

Lice can be a nightmare. When a child comes home from school with head lice, a natural reaction is to panic. Unfortunately, many parents believe the only way to deal with the problem is with harsh, potentially dangerous, chemicals. While getting rid of lice naturally is a step-by-step process, it can be as effective as using chemicals. It is also safer and healthier for the child.

Getting rid of lice naturally can be done with products you already have at home. The first step is to rid the child’s hair of live lice. This can usually be accomplished with plain, room-temperature mayonnaise. Begin by saturating your child’s hair with a generous amount of mayonnaise. Do not forget to apply it to his scalp. You should apply some of the mayonnaise to his neck and around the ears, also. Next, cover his hair with the kind of plastic wrap you normally use to cover food in your refrigerator. After leaving the mayonnaise in the hair for a couple of hours, wash his scalp and hair thoroughly with a mild liquid dish-washing detergent. You will need to repeat the shampooing process a number of times, leaving it in the hair a couple of minutes, so it will remove the lice, mayonnaise, and odor.

After the live lice are rinsed away, rinsing with undiluted vinegar is the next step. The nits will be loosened, and many will be washed away. The third step is to use a standard nit comb. The better the lighting in the room, the more nits you can see to remove.

Even if you do a thorough job, a few nits may remain to hatch later on. Continue to check your youngster’s hair on a daily basis, so you can repeat this process if necessary.

Freeing the child from lice and nits is not complete without dealing with his environment. His bedding, clothing, hairbrushes, and combs all must be cleaned. A hot water wash and hot air drying should be enough to kill nits and lice on material. You can sterilize brushes and combs, or simply dispose of them.

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