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Getting Rid Of Fleas Naturally Is Not As Difficult As It Seems

When considering the option of getting rid of fleas naturally, the rights kinds of substances should be selected. Some can be used best fly trap directly on pets. Others are applied to the yard or the inside of the home. It is wise to find out which ones are less harmful to pets, before selecting the right organic material.

The best way to prevent the flying and biting insects from entering the home on pets and children is to treat the yard. There are a few options. Many organic gardeners use diatomaceous earth. This substance can be purchased at garden centers and usually comes in large bags to cover the square footage you have. Another substance that repels these insects is garlic.

While it is not practical to plant bulbs around the perimeter of the lawn, it can be purchased in powder form. It is best to buy the largest containers possible. You will probably need one for a tiny law, two for an average size or more for a very large area. It can be sprinkled generously over the entire area. Avoid coating the grass, as too much will create an unbearable odor. It can be repeated after a couple days of heavy rain and usually lasts at least a couple weeks.

Some people use Borax powder on the lawn. This is another inexpensive substance that can be used both on the lawn and the carpet indoors. It is recommended that the powder stay in the carpet for a couple weeks to kill any eggs. Then a thorough vacuuming is required. To handle the insects already on pets, many people bathe them with Palmolive dish washing liquid. Though it may not be entirely natural, it is a much better option that the harsh chemicals that many pet owners want to avoid.

Many people have success in giving their dogs brewer’s yeast tablets. Cats may be more of a challenge in treating them directly. Some pet owners have tried baking soda sprinkled directly on their pets with good results. Others suggest using oils from herbs, as a means to kill off the adults and eggs of the pests.

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