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Get Rid Of Pesky Ticks Naturally

Ticks are a problem in the countryside but also in areas that have deer and such coming down to visit human inhabited areas. They will come into the yards and gardens and may leave behind these pests without anyone realizing it until they finds a new host. This is preventable with natural cures for them.

Ticks are not fond of garlic. This is not a well-known fact. They shy away from the scent of garlic the way Boris Karloff did as Dracula. There are professional grade garlic sprays that can be purchased through online retailers and at store fronts as well. It is also possible to purchase it at grocery stores. Garlic has natural sulfur in it that these insects detest and will stay well away from at all costs. Spray it on gardens doorways, lawns, shrubbery, and even on the sidewalks so they do not pass. Humans cannot detect it after a few minutes but ticks can for a long time.

Salt is another way of getting rid of ticks naturally. For a home that is infested purchase a lot of salt. It is pretty inexpensive and can be bought in any store. Pour a medium layer on the hard floors, a light layer on furniture and a heavy layer on carpets. Let it stand for eight to ten hours before vacuuming. This is an easy way to get rid of these blood sucking insects and get them out of the house without costly replacement of furnishings.

Other ways to rid of ticks on the garden and lawns is to purchase one of a few kinds of oils that are pleasant but are not liked by them. Oil of wintergreen, peppermint oil and rosemary oil are all three very effective against tick infestation or even the beginnings of one. These oils are harsh to eyes and possibly skin so it is wise to dilute them about twenty five percent oil to water. Be cautious not to wipe the eyes before washing the hands. These are completely safe for flora, children, pets and will not kill butterflies, birds, bees or any other of the nice critters that will be flitting around the home during the warmer climates.

Getting rid of ticks in a natural way is the best. There are often allergic reactions to poisons and they are not always safe for the animals that you may want to visit your yard. Using these techniques also help to give peace of mind as they also help with the scent of the whole area and will keep these pests off of pets too.

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