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Effective Ways For Killing Body Lice

The many ways of killing body lice are varied and fortunately, not very expensive. Getting rid of body lice can even be done at home. Getting rid of these pesky little creatures is important since they cause prolonged itching and scratching, and are often seen by most people as one of the major signs of poor hygiene. So how exactly does a person rid himself of body lice?

Home Remedies for Killing Body Lice

The first step to removing body lice, especially head lice, is to use a nit comb. This is very effective when removing small lice and does not involve the use of any chemicals. For body lice, washing clothes in hot water is essential before drying the clothes in high temperature. This will be effective enough to kill lice eggs, which are often laid down in the seams of clothing. One of the most popular home remedies for getting rid of body lice is vinegar. Most people swear by vinegar as being able to help get rid of head lice in as short as two days. Tea tree oil, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties. It is also irritating to most bugs, making it effective for driving lice away. Other solutions include neem and lavender. Neem is a herbal ingredient that has qualities that are irritating to insects, head lice included. Lavender is another herb that has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties.

Commercial Preparations for Killing Body Lice

The use of insecticides is only recommended in cases of full-blown infestations. In some cases, use of chemicals may not be recommended in people and children with allergies. The treatments are often done in ten days to get rid of eggs that have not hatched. Experts advise using a nit comb after every application of the pesticide shampoo.

Decontamination and using a good lice shampoo or home remedies like vinegar and tea tree oil are essentially all one has to do to get rid of body lice. The process of killing body lice may take several days to weeks, but as long as one is persistent and consistent in decontaminating the home, this problem is bound to go away.

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