Bed Bugs Threat

Protecting Your Home from Bed Bugs

A Few Facts Related To Bed Bug Dust

Many allergy sufferers awake during the night and discover that they have developed a stuffy nose. In order to avoid that unpleasant occurrence, the wise allergy patient invests in top quality mattress. Such mattress should be bed bug, dust mite and allergen proof. Those top quality bedding items should include both a pillow cover and one of the latest mattresses. The ideal cover and mattress has microscopic fiber pores. Nothing but air can pass through those pores.

By investing in mattress safety, an allergy sufferer acquires protection against parasites and insects, as well as dust mites, allergens and bed bugs. Armed with such protection, he or she should never have to live with the suspicion that the sensation of a bite, one felt at night, serves as a sure sign that bed bugs have taken up residence in the bedroom. Those critters are not invisible. They can be spotted on the skin, if and when they choose to bite a reclining human form.

A few other myths ought to be dismissed, by anyone who feels determined to do away with bed bugs. That insect does not live under the skin. It never spends more than ten minutes on the body of the person or animal that it has used as a source of food. By the same token, it does not travel far from that food source. In remains close to its food until that source either runs dry or disappears.

A bed bug always feeds at night; it is a nocturnal animal. Consequently, it sleeps during the day, while its victim remains away from the place where the insect lives and the host sleeps. If a bug’s comfort in a victim’s chosen bedding can not be guaranteed, then that creature will be forced to seek new “housing.”

That bed bug information helped to motivate creation of the newest type of mattress. Unlike cheap mattresses of the past, its construction lacks the very elements desired by the nighttime feeders. Hence, it manages to reduce the likelihood that creatures from a bird’s nest, one placed under they eaves, might take up residence in a bedroom.

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